2 May 2021

How to Convert Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board to Kayak with Seat, Glued D-Rings (iSUP)

By |2021-09-09T23:30:55-07:00May 2, 2021 - Sunday|Do-It-Yourself, General|4 Comments

Read: 6 mins. If you want to turn your inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) into a kayak, all you need are a seat, kayak paddle, and D-Rings to attach the seat onto. If your board does not come with the rings already affixed, this guide will show you how to glue them onto your iSUP. It is easier than you may think.

28 Apr 2021

2022 Toyota Sienna (Woodland Special Edition) – Rugged, Lifted AWD Minivan for the Outdoors

By |2021-11-04T15:17:12-07:00Apr 28, 2021 - Wednesday|Family, Travel|0 Comments

Read: 5 mins. Toyota announced the 2022 Sienna Woodland Special Edition on April 27, 2021, a rugged, lifted minivan with all-wheel drive geared towards the outdoorsy person. Will this convince families on the fence between a SUV and a minivan? Will mobile warriors consider the upcoming Sienna for their outdoor adventures? For our family, that is a resounding YES!

2 Mar 2021

Jackery Explorer 1500 announced on Jackery Day 2021! (Explorer 2000 and SolarSaga 200W, too)

By |2021-09-09T22:15:13-07:00Mar 2, 2021 - Tuesday|General|0 Comments

Read: 5 mins. Every third Wednesday of March, Jackery holds its "Jackery Day" where new products are announced. This year, that date falls on March 17, 2021. What can we anticipate? The company has teased an expected launch of its largest power station/solar generator yet, the Explorer 1500. See what we expect the product to feature. A new SolarSaga 200W solar panel and massive Explorer 2000 power station may also make a surprise appearance at the event. [Read here for live updates]

2 Dec 2020

Programming: Euhomy 58 Quart Car Freezer/Fridge (CF-55-H) (58qt/55L/55 Liters)

By |2021-06-17T23:06:07-07:00Dec 2, 2020 - Wednesday|General|2 Comments

Read: 4 mins. There are many hidden settings/program options for the Euhomy CF-55-H Car Freezer (58qt). This article will go over some basic settings the manual describes, how, and WHY to change the more advanced items. All of them can be configured via the physical control panel or through the Alpicool "Car Fridge Freezer" smartphone app available for both Android and Apple iOS.

6 Aug 2020

How to Quickly Teach a Child to Ride a Bike

By |2021-09-17T10:02:24-07:00Aug 6, 2020 - Thursday|Family, General, Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 10 mins. Teaching children how to bike is perhaps one of the most rewarding (and possibly important) duties for parents to take on, a job relegated mostly to dads among my family's circle of friends. Naturally, my wife had tasked me to teach our son the skill, a challenge I gladly accepted as I wanted to have the family go out on day trips and spend quality time together. Our son started peddling on a bike -- without training wheels -- four months after he turned 3 years old, and I credit my wife's foresight to putting him on something I had never heard of before: a balance bike. Follow along on our son's FOUR-DAY journey to becoming a confident, fast-riding, joyful bicyclist!

1 Aug 2020

Wax Removal and Clogged Ear Remedies That WORKED: Tips, Tricks, and Product Reviews

By |2021-05-02T10:43:39-07:00Aug 1, 2020 - Saturday|General, Health, Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 7 mins. How FRUSTRATING it had been living for a week without the ability to hear much from one ear... aargh! It was clogged the day after stand up paddle boarding in the picturesque Newport Beach, California, harbor, and it felt like having been underwater with a ringing bell inside the head. Five days of ear wax removal drops did nothing but contribute to continued irritation and a small amount of worry that something might have been wrong. Did I have impacted earwax, water stuck in the canal, an ear infection, or worse? Here is what I did to regain my hearing.

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