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Jackery Day 2021

Every 3rd Wednesday of March, Jackery holds its “Jackery Day” where new products are announced. This year, that date falls on March 17, 2021. [LIVE UPDATES: See here]

Explorer 2000 /Jackery

Explorer 2000 /Jackery

[LIVE UPDATES: See here]

What can we anticipate? The company has teased an expected launch of its largest power station/solar generator yet, the Explorer 1500. I first heard about it from a friend at CES 2019. Based on a teaser image showing “2200”, it may come with a peak/surge rating of 2,200W with an unknown, continuous output capacity… Or will it be a surprise reveal of a Jackery Explorer 2000 (with 2,200Wh capacity)?

For comparison, the Jackery Explorer 1000 came with a running 1,000W (2,000W peak and 1,002Wh capacity) and the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x with continuous 2,000W (3,500W peak and 1,516Wh capacity).

Battery storage capacity is measured in Wh (Watt-hours) and power output is in W (Watts). A device’s power usage or a charging source’s output is rated in Watts (Amps x Voltage). See one of my battery power station reviews to learn more about Watts, Watt-hours, Continuous/Running and Peak/Surge outputs, and how to perform various calculations.

Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser

Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser

Expected Product Launches

Jackery Explorer 1500

Features we could expect from the Jackery Explorer 1500 are:

[LIVE UPDATES: See here]

  • Battery capacity: 1,500 Wh (approximate)
  • Cost: $1,500. Jackery usually provides special, time-limited, launch pricing
  • Pure Sine Wave AC Inverter to allow sensitive electronics to be used
    • Continuous output: 1,200W (guesstimate)
    • Peak output: 2,200W (guesstimate based on one of Jackery’s teaser images showing “2200”)
      • The “2200” number may also refer to a surprise reveal for a Jackery Explorer 2000 (with 2,200 Wh capacity)
New Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser (Key Terms)

New Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser (Key Terms)

  • Fast-charge capability
    • Teaser image showing “80%” and “2.5 hours” could indicate the new Explorer being able to charge to 80% in that amount of time
    • “80%” charge
      • 80% of Explorer 1500 = 1,200Wh
      • 80% of Explorer 2000 (2,200Wh assumption) = 1,760 Wh
    • “2.5 hours” = Wh / Input Wattage (or) Input Wattage = Wh / 2.5 hours
      • Explorer 1500 = 1,200 Wh / 2.5 hours = 480W input
      • Explorer 2000 = 1,760 Wh / 2.5 hours = 704W input
    • New Explorer may accept solar panels and/or AC brick charging at a rate of:
      • 480W for the Explorer 1500
      • 704W for the Explorer 2000
        • This puts it in a competitive position with the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x that can accept a maximum of 600W
  • MPPT charging controller built-in for more efficient solar charging
  • Weight: 36-40 lbs
    • Jackery’s power stations are generally lighter than Goal Zero’s because less metal components are used
    • Goal Zero Yeti 1500x is 45.64 lbs @ 15.3″ x 10.3″ x 10.4″
  • Dimensions: 13.1″ L x 9.2″ W and more than 13″ height
  • Top quality batteries from LG or BAK Battery, although the Explorer 300 used those by EVE Battery
    • The importance of using Tier 1 batteries cannot be stressed enough for the safe operation of a power station
  • Quality Battery Management System (BMS) to safely regulate the batteries within their designed specifications
  • Built-in flashlight with SOS signaling function
  • Same exterior design with fixed carry handle and its iconic black/orange color scheme
    • Will likely not provide space to internally store cables and AC adapters in. Goal Zero Yeti 1500x does with its top compartment

In Jackery’s teaser images (above), there appears to be a mysterious, new port at the “New” Explorer’s back side.


  • Input
    • (1) 8mm (12-30V, max 8A) up to 200W
    • (1) Anderson Power Pole (APP) for higher-input solar charging
  •  Output
    • (3) AC with 3 prongs (120V)
    • (1) Cigarette socket (12V, max 10A)
    • (2) USB-A (5V, max 2.4A, max 12W) with QuickCharge 3.0
    • (2) USB-C PD (Power Delivery) with 60W of input AND output (5-20V, max 3A)
      • Jackery Explorer 1000 only provided a measly 18W
      • Updated version of the Explorer 300 enabled this port to be simultaneously used with the 8mm input to provide faster, combined charging

Jackery SolarSaga 200W?

Looking at the teaser image, an Explorer appears to be backdropped by a solar panel, and so we may see a new SolarSaga announced at the event. Goal Zero offers a lightweight Nomad 200 solar panel, and one can only hope that Jackery will release a competing SolarSaga 200W! [LIVE UPDATES: See here]

Jackery Solar Generator Launch Announcement

Possible, new solar panel shown behind the Jackery Explorer

Jackery Explorer 2000?

As I had previously noted, the “2200” number in Jackery’s teaser image is particularly interesting. Does it refer to 2,200 Watts or 2,200 Watt-hours? If the latter, then a surprise announcement may come for the Jackery Explorer 2000 power station! [LIVE UPDATES: See here]

New Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser (Key Terms)

New Jackery Explorer Launch Teaser (Key Terms)

Live Launch Event

Between 3/1 – 3/19/2021, Jackery is holding a contest to celebrate its upcoming 3/17/2021 @ 6pm PST launch. Prizes include:

  • Grand prize: Jackery Solar Generator* 1500
  • First prize: Jackery Explorer 1500
  • Second prize: Jackery Solar Generator* 1000
  • Third prize: Jackery SolarSaga 60
  • Consolation prize: $20 off coupon for all products sitewide

* The company designates its “Solar Generators” as Power Station + Solar Panel combos.

Live Updates

Here are the details from the live event:

Explorer 2000 Inputs /Jackery

Explorer 2000 Inputs /Jackery

  • Jackery Explorer 2000 | Check on Amazon
    • Price: $2,099 | Pre-order: 3/18/2021
    • Battery capacity: 2,060Wh
    • Weight: 43 lbs
    • Output
      • (4) AC outlets @ 110V
        • Inverter – Continuous: 2,200W / Peak: 4,400W
      • (1) USB 3.0 QuickCharge (18W max)
      • (1) USB-A (BC 1.2)
      • (1) USB-C PD 60W
      • (1) 12V Car (120W max)
    • Input
      • Front
        • Solar: 800W from up to (4) 200W SolarSaga solar panels
          • Solarpeak” technology improves on MPPT Solar Charging controller with 30% conversion efficiency
          • Goal Zero Yeti 1500x only accepts up to 600W from (4) Nomad 200W or Boulder solar panels
      • Back
        • AC: 1000W from a built-in AC charger, eliminating the power brick
    • 2.5 hours to solar fast charge from 0% to 80%
    • New controller screen
  • Jackery Explorer 1500 | Check on Amazon
    • Price: $1,599 | On sale 4/5/2021
Explorer 2000 + (4) SolarSaga 200W /Jackery

Explorer 2000 + (4) SolarSaga 200W /Jackery

  • Jackery SolarSaga 200W | Check on Amazon
    • Price: $599 | Pre-order: 3/18/2021
    • Waterproof rating: IP67 – Functional in light rain
    • Built-in kickstands
Explorer 1500 + (4) SolarSaga 100W /Jackery

Explorer 1500 + (4) SolarSaga 100W /Jackery

  • Jackery Solar Generator 2000
    • Price: $4,299 | Pre-order: 3/18/2021
    • Explorer 2000 + (4) SolarSaga 200W kit
  • Jackery Solar Generator 1500
    • Price: $2,699 | On sale 4/5/2021
    • Explorer 1500 + (4) SolarSaga 100W kit

Amazing, technological accomplishments there, Jackery!

New Product Launch Event /Jackery

Final Thoughts

Jackery had impressed me with its quality, affordable power stations and stellar customer service. Its Explorer 1000, Explorer 300, and SolarSaga 100 had been great products for the more budget conscious person looking for emergency power or those seeking to bring comfort to outdoor adventures. Their ecosystem of accessories and expansion options, however, is not as vast as that afforded by the leader of the industry — Goal Zero — and those searching for home integration or more durable products would be advised to look into that company’s offering instead, such as the excellent Yeti 1500x, efficient Nomad 200, and my portable favorite, the Yeti 500x. Ultimately, I recommend both companies’ products, and which one is the “better choice” for you always depends on what your needs and budget are.

You can watch the launch event live on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 6pm (California PST time) on its TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram channels. Jackery informed me that the Explorer 1500 would be available for purchase starting March 18. Whether an Explorer 2000 power station and/or SolarSaga 200W solar panel will be making a surprise appearance will be exciting to watch!

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