24 Jul 2020

Pressure Washers

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Pressure washers are a fast, convenient way to remove gunk, but they can also be VERY dangerous if used improperly. They work by taking in low-pressure water, turn it into a super high-powered stream (with a gas or electric motor), then through a nozzle where it can be so strong, it can actually damage wood/stone and inflict serious harm to people and animals. So, how do you use them? This article covers the Do's and Do Not's, and what they are commonly used for.

12 Jul 2020

Power Generators: Gas vs Propane vs Battery Station

By |2020-08-01T00:12:26-07:00Jul 12, 2020 - Sunday|Do-It-Yourself, General, Travel|

In an emergency, we could find ourselves stranded with no electricity in a World that is consuming much more power today than ever before. Just in the past year alone, the globe was hit with numerous fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and even riots! Solar panels were installed in our home earlier this year during the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in grid power staying shut for nearly the entire day while the family had to work from home and do distance learning. In this article, we look into generators and battery power stations to provide electricity, and look at the differences between gas, propane, and battery as energy sources.

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