Review: eufy Indoor/Outdoor 2K Video Security Cameras (SoloCam S40 & E40, eufyCam 2 Pro, HomeBase 2) Ultimate Comparison

By |2022-05-05T16:23:31-07:00Mar 25, 2022 - Friday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Read: 18 mins. We were in search of a smart, outdoor video surveillance system for our families' mountain vacation home that did not require a monthly fee. It needed to not only protect our property, but also be useful for monitoring it as a short-term rental (think AirBnB, Vrbo, HomeAway.) This article takes a look at a variety of battery-operated Eufy Security Cameras and accessories to see which worked best for different needs.


Review: Jasion EB7 Foldable Electric Bike (20″ Fat Tire, 7-Speed)

By |2022-04-18T10:56:50-07:00Mar 18, 2022 - Friday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Read: 20 mins. The search for an electric bike for my mom’s height of 5′1″ was a long one. It was incredibly difficult to find a foldable one for her height with at least 7 gear shifts and fat tires for better balance and control. Safety, ease of mount/dismount, and long battery life were also important as I did not want an elderly woman to get hurt or overexert on one of our long family rides. In this article, we take a look at the Jasion EB7 Foldable eBike with quite the motor and battery capacity for 5'1" - 6'2" riders.

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