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Review: Action Air Inflatable Bounce House (9451)

By |2020-11-18T00:45:54-08:00Sep 25, 2020 - Friday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Our daughter's birthday was fast approaching and with the ability to only hold a small gathering in our backyard, we looked for something fun for the children to play with. "What's synonymous with some birthday parties," my wife asked? A bounce house! But at a rental cost of $75-$99 a day, we decided to invest in a small one instead for repeated use at home. That search led us to the $200 Action Air Inflatable Castle Bounce House.

Review: Jackery Explorer 300 (vs Explorer 1000)

By |2020-09-17T00:38:27-07:00Sep 16, 2020 - Wednesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Back in April, I purchased the Jackery Explorer 1000 and the Goal Zero Yeti 500x later as a result of 2019's fires. Coincidentally, this year's fires on the entire US west coast is actually WORSE with new records broken! I cannot stress how important it is to be prepared for emergencies! Thankfully, there has been an increase in people taking emergency preparation more seriously. When Jackery announced the Explorer 300 with a special launch price and some improvements over the Explorer 1000, I jumped on it for one simple reason: my little boy loves camping and I wanted him to have a mini-Explorer of his own (actually, I wanted another backup battery, but don't tell him that). It DOES look awfully cute to have him and I stand next to one another holding our own Explorers!

Review: Lunvon Dinosaur Inflatable Pool

By |2020-09-25T01:25:03-07:00Sep 14, 2020 - Monday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

How do you cool down during this summer's California heat wave with a little boy who no longer wanted to learn how to swim? Get a Dinosaur-themed pool that can spout water out of its mouth for some FUN bonding time! This pool was easily one of the best purchase decisions we have made. Read on to see why!

Review: Beelink GT-R Mini PC (vs GT-R Pro vs U57)

By |2020-09-10T11:06:39-07:00Aug 29, 2020 - Saturday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Beelink took a bold step into releasing its first, AMD-based mini computer (with official AMD support and collaboration), and held almost nothing back when it set out to build the best PC it had ever made. At first impression, it is beautiful with its blue exterior and glass top and immediately felt substantial to hold due in large part to its premium, metal components. The packaging presented the first, unexpected eye candy that was a clear departure from its previous products, and I knew then that something special was in my hands. In this review, I look into why the Beelink U57 model was replaced by the newly-released GT-R, how AMD made a comeback into the high-end desktop computer market with its Ryzen product, and why Beelink is my favorite manufacturer of Mini PCs.

Review: Euhomy 3.2-cu ft Beverage Cooler

By |2020-09-03T23:34:39-07:00Aug 23, 2020 - Sunday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

My brother and I purchased a Danby beverage fridge many, many years ago when we used to be roommates and loved having the convenience of having drinks available at any time, especially for get-togethers. We had always stocked it with beer, soda, kid-friendly drinks, and water. My wife and I recently decided to get one for our house in an attempt to free up some kitchen refrigeration space. Did we really need one? No. Did we regret getting one? After having had it for about 3 weeks, no! Read on to find out why.

Azure AD: Successful Logins From Unknown Users

By |2020-08-20T09:45:27-07:00Aug 19, 2020 - Wednesday|Microsoft 365, Security, Technology|

The Security Operations Center (SOC) noticed logins to Azure Active Directory (AAD) from yahoo.com and gmail.com email addresses and asked the IT Security team to investigate. At the time, we did not allow many B2B Guest credentials for those domains, but alarmingly, the accounts in question successfully authenticated even though they did not exist in our AAD tenant. Who were those people? Did we have a security breach? What did they access?

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