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Review: NewRice Sakura Tree Inari Shrine (LEGO)

By |2020-08-20T15:47:28-07:00Aug 11, 2020 - Tuesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

The NewRice, LEGO-inspired building set is simply a beautiful, colorful interpretation of Japan's Fushimi Inari Shrine positioned against a blooming, Cherry blossom tree. It conveys peace and tranquility, accented by a mellow glow from its battery-powered light, that looks awe-inspiring during both daylight and night time. One could almost imagine walking around the scenery of Sakuras strewn all along the ground, up the curved steps through the Inari Shrine gate, and contemplating under the Cherry tree how short, yet magnificent life can be. Follow along on how we built one of the prettiest, Japanese-themed "LEGOs".

How to Quickly Teach a Child to Bike

By |2020-08-08T23:26:47-07:00Aug 6, 2020 - Thursday|Family, General|

Teaching children how to bike is perhaps one of the most rewarding (and possibly important) duties for parents to take on, a job relegated mostly to dads among my family's circle of friends. Naturally, my wife had tasked me to teach our son the skill, a challenge I gladly accepted as I wanted to have the family go out on day trips and spend quality time together. Our son started peddling on a bike -- without training wheels -- four months after he turned 3 years old, and I credit my wife's foresight to putting him on something I had never heard of before: a balance bike. Follow along on our son's FOUR-DAY journey to becoming a confident, fast-riding, joyful bicyclist!

Review: Foho 34qt Car Freezer/Fridge (BCD-32)

By |2020-09-13T13:30:07-07:00Aug 3, 2020 - Monday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Over the past 2.5 months, I had the fortunate opportunity to test and review 3 car freezers/refrigerators that could be powered by the 12V port/battery of a car. Their energy efficiency allowed them to be powered by a battery power station and supplemented with solar panels. We came to love the Foho over the Rockpals and Donmende ones, and in this review, we look at the smallest model of that product line: the 34qt Foho BCD-32. There was much to like!

Clogged Ears And Wax Removal

By |2020-08-22T21:16:47-07:00Aug 1, 2020 - Saturday|General, Health|

How FRUSTRATING it had been living for a week without the ability to hear much from one ear... aargh! It was clogged the day after stand up paddle boarding in the picturesque Newport Beach, California, harbor, and it felt like having been underwater with a ringing bell inside the head. Five days of ear wax removal drops did nothing but contribute to continued irritation and a small amount of worry that something might have been wrong. Did I have impacted earwax, water stuck in the canal, an ear infection, or worse? Here is what I did to regain my hearing.

Pressure Washers

By |2020-08-01T22:13:40-07:00Jul 24, 2020 - Friday|Do-It-Yourself|

Pressure washers are a fast, convenient way to remove gunk, but they can also be VERY dangerous if used improperly. They work by taking in low-pressure water, turn it into a super high-powered stream (with a gas or electric motor), then through a nozzle where it can be so strong, it can actually damage wood/stone and inflict serious harm to people and animals. So, how do you use them? This article covers the Do's and Do Not's, and what they are commonly used for.

Review: Feiyu Pocket 2-in-1 Gimbal Camera

By |2020-08-04T17:39:28-07:00Jul 23, 2020 - Thursday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

If you like vlogging or taking stabilized, steady videos, gimbals are designed to help you do so. A variety of gimbals exist, but not too long ago, DJI introduced the Osmo Pocket -- a handheld, compact recording device that combines an action camera with built-in video stabilization. It was initially plagued with issues, but DJI enjoyed a good year of success with a one-of-a-kind product... until now. Feiyu brought its Pocket to market recently to become the Osmo Pocket's first challenger. With updated features and an attractive price, there is much to like about the newcomer.

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