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Review: Rockpals 80W Solar Panel

By |2020-06-16T19:31:38-07:00Nov 5, 2019 - Tuesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Rockpals impressed me with their 500W portable battery generator when I put it through some tests against equivalent Goal Zero and Suaoki products recently. As a camper and survivalist, I naturally wanted to get a solar panel to charge the generator with when spending time outdoors for an extended period. I took a look at the Rockpals 80W solar panel and was surprised by the results.

Review: Rockpals 500W Power Station (MT-CN500)

By |2020-06-16T19:32:33-07:00Oct 20, 2019 - Sunday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

Campers and road warriors who are looking for a way to power their laptop, CPAP, mini refrigerator, fan, or even a TV have a few options available. Among them are portable, solar-rechargeable battery stations, and here we will compare the Rockpals 500W with the Suaoki G500 and, to some extent, the Goal Zero Yeti 400. The outdoors will never be the same again with the luxury afforded by these power generators!

Review: AWOW AK34 Mini PC

By |2020-06-16T19:32:46-07:00Oct 8, 2019 - Tuesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|

AWOW recently released their AK34 Mini PC that is based on the Intel Celeron N3450 processor. It was designed to perform like a 2017 budget laptop within a small, 6x6 inch package that can be stored inside a TV drawer. I took it for a spin to see if it could replace our family's 2014 Dell ultra-portable laptop and the results were surprising.