4 Aug 2021

Stand Up Paddle Boarding: How To Paddle, Prepare, Maintain, and Choose Inflatable Boards (iSUP)

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Read: 12 mins. Stand up paddle boards have seen an increase in popularity as they provide freedom to roam around, are easy to transport and store, and are a lot of fun! We urge you to learn the basics to minimize injury, get more enjoyment out of your iSUP, and be familiar with how to choose and maintain your board so it will last longer.

2 Jul 2021

Summit Fever: Turn Back or Continue in Face of Danger?

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Read: 12 mins. Twelve years ago on a hike up Yosemite's Half Dome, a friend shared an important term with me: Summit Fever. The state of mind where the desire to reach an objective -- at whatever costs -- is so strong, irrational decisions or illogical choices could be made with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences. The realization changed the way I hike and why I try my best not to leave anyone behind.

23 May 2021

How To Choose A Life Vest For Kayaking, Paddle Boarding

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Read: 4 mins. Life Vests -- or Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) -- are essential for your safety and can even be required by law. No matter how strong of a swimmer you are, you may find yourself in an unexpectedly dangerous situation, like passing out, getting hit by a speed boat, or losing your kayak. This article will go over some basics.

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