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Euhomy CF-55-H Car Freezer

Did you know that there are many hidden settings/program options for the Euhomy CF-55-H Car Freezer (58qt)? These configuration items can help you with things like:

  • Fixing incorrect temperatures
    • Example: You set the fridge to run at 40F, but all the food is frozen because the inside compartment is actually 32F
  • Switching between Fahrenheit/Celsius unit of display

This article will go over some basic settings the manual describes, how, and WHY to change the more advanced items. All of them can be configured via the physical control panel or through the Alpicool “Car Fridge Freezer” smartphone app available for both Android and Apple iOS.

Front and Interior

Front and Interior

Review of Euhomy

The Euhomy CF-55-H is very, very close in looks and functionality as the Foho BCD-52 car freezer. For that reason, please read the Foho review to have a good understanding of how this slightly larger Euhomy works.

The post you are reading covers ONLY the program options and default settings.

Basic Settings

Max/Eco Modes

“Settings” button cycles through Max/Eco modes.

  • “Eco” uses less power (runs compressor at lower speed) than “Max” to minimize draw on any connected battery, but can ruin the compressor in the long run
  • “Max” runs compressor at full power

Battery Voltage Protection

There are 3 levels of protection: High, Medium (Default), and Low. TO SET: When powered on, hold the Settings button for 3 seconds. Cycle between L/M/H with the Settings button

  • The car freezer will operate until the battery reaches a specific voltage level. Not setting the appropriate level could potentially leave you stranded with a car that will not start
    • Compressor stops when 12V battery reaches 10.2V (Low), 10.7V (Medium), 11.7V (High)
    • Resumes at 11.2V (Low), 11.7V (Medium), 12.7V (High)
  • When connected to a battery power station: Use Medium or Low
  • When connected to a car: Use High or Medium
Alpicool App: Euhomy Defaults

Alpicool App: Euhomy Defaults

Advanced Settings (Programming)

To enter programming mode: Turn off the unit, but keep it plugged in to a power source. Hold the “Settings” button for 3 seconds until “E1” displays. Cycle through the options by pushing “Settings”, and change values up or down with the respective “+” or “-” buttons. To accept the setting, leave the screen blinking until it stops after a few seconds. The various program options can also be changed with the Bluetooth-connected app.

Here are the various options that can be programmed. They should not be modified as they could cause your freezer to fail or be damaged.


  • E1: Lowest temperature that freezer can be set to cool down to. -40C/-40F to Target temp. Default: -20C (-4F)
    • Caution: setting the value too low may damage the compressor
  • E2: Highest temperature that freezer is allowed to reach. Target temp to 40C/104F. Default: 20C (68F)
  • E3*: Difference from target temperature before powering up compressor again. 1C/1.8F to 10C/18F. Default: 2C (4F)
    • Compressor should stop at target temperature (ie. 4C), and start again when internal temperature is E3’s value above it (ie. 4C + 2C = 6C)
  • E4: Time delay protection. 0-10 mins. Default: 0 min
    • To protect the compressor, it will wait that amount of time after being idle/powered off before turning on again
  • E5: Temperature unit display. C or F. Default: F
  • E6*: Do not modify. Temperature compensation (for temp set to above -6C/21.2F). -10C/-18F to 10C/18F. Default: 0C (0F)
    • Displayed temperature = Detected temperature + Temperature compensation
      • Used to match Displayed temperature to what is actually Detected inside the unit
  • E7*: Do not modify. Temperature compensation (for temp set to between -12C/10.4F and -6C/21.2F). -10C/-18F to 10C/18F. Default: 0C (0F)
  • E8*: Do not modify. Temperature compensation (for temp set to below -12C/10.4F). -10C/-18F to 10C/18F. Default: 0C (0F)
  • E9*: Do not modify. Temperature compensation “shutdown”. -10C/-18F to 0C/0F. Default: 0C (0F)
    • App refers to this as “TC: Shutdown”. I have no idea what it is for. Perhaps to shut down the compressor when a specific, differential value is met?

* Each difference of 1C is 1.8F

Temperature Compensation

If you find the temperature displayed on the control panel is different than what is actually inside, the discrepancy can result in content overcooling or being too warm. For instance, if you meant to keep fruit cool at a set 40F, but the true temp inside is 32F, you will unintentionally have FROZEN fruit. Or, if you wanted to keep meats frozen at 29F, but the true temp inside is 36F, you may find the content having melted.

The displayed temperature should be roughly the same (by about 4F by default) as the actual one inside because the compressor will ONLY stop cooling when the display (not the storage’s true temp) matches the set degrees.

If you find the temperature displayed on the control panel is different than what is actually inside, the discrepancy can result in content overcooling or being too warm.

To correct the discrepancy between the set/displayed temperature and what the internal storage really is, place two, reliable thermometers inside and perform tests with temps set to 0C, -9C, and -20C (one for each of the E6 – E8 ranges). I found the calibration easier to start with the warmer values first. If, for example, the display is 8C, 4C, and 1C higher (for each range) than what is inside, set the temperature compensations to: E6 = -8C, E7 = -4C, and E8 = -1C.

Reset Settings

If you find yourself having screwed up the E1-E8 settings, you can reset them to factory defaults.

  • Enter Programming Mode
  • From the “E1” screen, hold “+” and “-” buttons together until “888” displays
  • Note: Factory reset defaults to the following:
    • E5 to C (instead of Euhomy’s F)
    • E8 to -3C/-5F instead of 0C/0F

Error Codes

If an error occurs, one of the following codes will display on the LCD:

  • F1: Low power protection activated
    • Solution: Change H3 (High) to H2 or H1 (Medium or Low)
  • F2: Fan overloaded
    • Solution: Turn unit off for 30 minutes to let cool
  • F3: Compressor overloaded
    • Solution: Turn unit off for 30 minutes to let cool
  • F5: Compressor controller module overloaded
    • Solution: Turn unit off for 30 minutes and let cool in a ventilated place
  • F7/F8: Temperature sensor error
    • Solution: Turn unit off and back on


Cooling Efficiency

  • The car freezer will only use power to reach or maintain the temperature you set. Once there, it goes idle.
    • Time can be shorter or much longer, depending on how often the compressor needs to be activated to reach or maintain target temperature
  • The colder the set temperature and/or the warmer the ambient (surrounding) heat, the more energy will be used
    • Keep in a cool location and out of direct sunlight for best efficiency
    • Consider putting the appliance in an insulated bag for better cooling
  • Ensure adequate air flow (4″+) on all sides, especially where the vents are
  • The more frozen/cold items are inside, the longer they can stay cool/frozen. Avoid opening the lid too often or for too long

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