Gyroor C3 Electric Bicycle (Semi-Foldable)








Ease of Use





  • Strong motor, Acceleration
  • Good battery life and range
  • Smooth ride
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Semi-foldable


  • Single gear
  • Limited seat post length
  • Awkward carry in folded position
  • Plastic, branded side covers
  • Weak horn. No speedometer
Read: 9 mins.
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Conflicted About eBikes

Biking is a form of exercise and adding an electric motor gives me some mixed feelings. On the other hand, assisted pedaling or fully motorized transportation is a great way to explore difficult or far-reaching areas normally inaccessible to the casual bicyclist. Rides with friends used to be a regular weekend activity before having kids where I purposely chose to be on a mountain bike going around 10 mph. This was to slow myself down for the relaxed riders in the group.

Costco started selling Jetson Bolt Pro folding, electric bikes last month that many, MANY of my friends had purchased and had been raving about. Should I get one for my wife? Could I save some gas and use it as my daily commute to and from work? After consulting with my wife, she agreed to have us purchase one not for herself, but actually for her mother so she could ride with the family. And so we did.

I first looked at the Jetson Bolt Pro and did not like its max range of 17 miles, weak, 250W motor, and maximum speed of 15.5 mph. It would have worked fine for my mother-in-law, but I also wanted it to be capable of taking me to/from work on days I wanted to add some exercise to the commute. After researching the web for nearly a week and looking at the Segway and other brands, the Gyroor C2 electric bike caught my attention for its very unique design, but it was no longer available for sale. What did catch my wife’s attention was the Gyroor C3 because it was very similar in look to her Novara/Dahon Folding Bike (non-motorized) I had bought her over a decade ago.

In a Nutshell

The Gyroor C3 electric bike is fun to ride! With fairly fast acceleration and power, comfortable seat, and a sporty, racer-like look, maneuvering it with the wind brushing against my helmet-protected face felt good and freeing! I’m used to biking at around 10-12 mph on a Santa Cruz mountain bike, and effortlessly zipping along faster than that with motor assistance is a far different feel. The highest speed I was able to clock on a flat surface was about 18 mph as per my Garmin GPS and a speed tracking smartphone app.

The disc brakes initially squealed until they were broken in, and the acceleration control on the right-side handle bar is second-nature that provides a good boost. The bike automatically kicks in some assistive power as you pedal, and the ability to fold the bike for fitting it inside a trunk of a sedan or hatch back makes it portable, though it is far heavier (at 48 lbs) than a non-motorized bike.

It packs a nice punch of power with its 450W (nominal) motor going up hills, and is priced more competitively against well-established brands, such as Segway and Razor, for models with similar specifications. The IPX54 water rating allows the bike to be used in an environment where water spray can come from any direction. In other words, it is okay to ride in the rain, though caution should be exercised.

I was able to ride the bike over a two-day period for roughly 29 miles with the battery run down to 25% remaining. Regarding regulations governing motorized bicycles, they are much more permissive in California than for electric scooters.

The biggest gripes I have are that 1) the seat post is a bit limiting and may not be tall enough for someone over 6′ in height, and 2) there is no speed display on the LCD. The screen only shows the battery level.

Who is Gyroor?

According to their website, the Shenzhen, China-based company was founded in 2012, had been focusing on hoverboard technology, and has an office and warehouse in the USA. It started branching out into increasingly-popular, electronic bikes and scooters.

Gyroor C3 eBike Overview /Red Cube Production

What’s Good? What’s Bad?


  • Strong, smooth acceleration
    • Nominal (average) power: 450W. Rated (maximum) power: Unknown
      • Faster increase in speed than a popular Jetson eBike sold by Costco
    • Surprisingly quiet motor
  • Good range and battery life
    • Manufacturer claims up to 38 miles (or 28 miles when entirely propelled by motor)
    • In my testing, I reached 29 mi with 25% remaining over a period of two days
    • Lithium Polymer battery is rated for 360 Wh (10,000 mAh / 1000 x 36V)
      • Because the motor does not run at a constant 450W, the battery can last for at least 45 minutes under average, motorized load
      • These types of batteries have a 500+ cycle lifespan and lose about 20-25% capacity after every 500 cycle
    • Gyroor claims quick charging within 6 hours, but it took me about 4.5 hours
      • AC power supply is 42V at 2A = 84W (Red = Charging. Green = Battery full)
  • Dampening rear shocks for a much smoother, comfortable ride
  • Seat is cushioned, wide, and comfortable

Dampening rear shocks for a much smoother, comfortable ride.

  • Readable display in bright sunlight, though it only shows the battery level
    • There is no speed indicator
  • Folds fairly small like other bikes of this type, except the motor adds a significant heft to its overall weight
    • Can be carried single-handed
    • Seat height is adjustable via a quick release lever
    • Dimensions
      • Unfolded: 45″ L x 41″ H x 16″ W (pedal-to-pedal), 4″ without pedals
      • Neck folded, seat down: 45″ L x 30″ H x 16″ W (pedal-to-handlebar/pedal), 13″ W without pedals
  • Max speed of 18.6 mph (California speed limit is 20 mph)
  • Dual disc brakes for faster, more reliable and controlled braking
  • 14″ shock-absorbing, rubber-elastic, pneumatic air tires (14 x 2.125 tube)
    • Uses Schrader valve with recommended pressure of 40-65 psi
    • Larger tires generally offer better comfort and stability
  • Accommodates a rider up to a whopping 265 lbs
  • Sporty look
  • Material feels strong and well-made
  • Fixed Head and Tail lights
    • Lights turned on with the On/Off switch on the left handle bar
  • Horn is activated by the red button on the left handle (it is not very loud)
  • Motor is enabled on by the red button on the right handle, and acceleration is powered by turning the section next to the handle
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Water resistant to IPX54
    • IPX54 allows water splashes from any angle and so can be used in rain
    • Do NOT drive bike through water high enough to reach the motor!
  • Arrived fully assembled
  • 1 year warranty


  • No gear shifting
    • With just a single gear, you will struggle going up hills or trying to pedal faster once the battery is no longer able to assist with the motor
  • Neck is not height adjustable
  • Seat post is a bit short and may not be suitable for someone taller than 5’7″ (and too high for someone short)
    • Gyroor support told me that they are aware of this request to make the post longer to accommodate taller riders
  • Horn is not very loud
  • In folded position, there is no easy way to carry the bike
  • Speed capped at 18.6 mph, although California regulation limits electric bikes to 20 mph
    • Sometimes, I wish I could ride faster, but have to remind myself that the limit is for my safety
  • LCD does not display speed
  • Both the head and tail reflectors did not screw onto their posts securely
    • Manufacturer should add rubber gasket to keep them in place
    • Head reflector is obscured by the brake cables
  • “Gyroor” cover on both sides of the bike is made of plastic and would likely break in a crash to that area
  • At 48 lbs, it is heavier than non-motorized bikes
  • I feel like a clown riding the bike as it very much does not feel as manly as a mountain bike
    • I call foldable bicycles like these “circus bikes”
    • My wife has absolutely no problem riding it. She does, in fact, praise the motor assistance when on particularly challenging slopes



  • Before first use, charge the battery fully
    • Covered charging port is on the rear tail light
    • AC charging brick LED: Red = Charging. Green = Full
    • Lithium Ion batteries are known to be volatile and could catch on fire
      • Do not charge overnight or unsupervised for prolonged periods of time. Stop charging once full
      • Do not leave the bike in full sun or below freezing
    • Keep battery charged at 50% or more to prolong battery’s 500+ cycle lifespan. Try to never let it drain completely
      • Lithium-Ion batteries lose about 20-25% of capacity after every 500 charging cycle
  • Before riding, check the tire pressure (40-65 psi) and tighten any loose screws
    • Be sure to lock (audible click) the neck into place when unfolding
    • Ensure seat post is locked and tight

Bike Repair Stands

I use a repair stand to help with assembly and maintenance. SereneLife SLBKRS3 has a maximum load capacity of 66.7 lbs — enough to carry most electric bikes without falling over.

SereneLife Bike Repair Stand, Metakoo Cybertrack 100 mountain eBike

SereneLife Bike Repair Stand, Metakoo Cybertrack 100 mountain eBike

For easier maintenance or assembly, a bike repair stand can save a lot of time and back pain. Be sure to get one that can hold up your bicycle’s weight.


  • Do not brake hard. Doing so could make you painfully tumble, skid, and/or wear out the tires
    • Be aware of unexpected obstacles. I tumbled once while mountain biking and was hurt quite badly. It was not fun
  • To enable the motor, press the Power button
    • Pedal the bike, and you will feel the motor assisting (Pedal assist)
    • Throttle the accelerator by the right-side handle, and the motor will fully take over (Power on demand)
      • The more you turn, the faster the bike will go
    • To power off the motor so you would only be able to pedal manually, press Power (Pedal only)
  • As battery neared empty, I noticed that maximum speed gradually lowered
  • Gyroor states that the bike is designed for only 1 rider. California law does not prohibit the number of riders, though it does state that you should only ride with the number of people as intended by the manufacturer

Display Options

When the bike is powered on, the LCD displays the battery level. Each bar is 25% charge remaining.

Locking Against Theft

You can lock the bike to a permanent structure through the triangle portion underneath the seat where the rear shock is at. For good measure, you should also lock both 14″ wheels.

Aircraft Transport

Most, if not all, airlines prohibit electronic scooters and bikes that do not meet specific criteria. United Airlines, for example, allows collapsible ones whose battery is both removable and below 300 Wh. Southwest Airlines is more restrictive at 160 Wh. This bike’s battery is 360 Wh. Lithium-ion batteries are known to be volatile, and the higher their capacity, the more risky they are. Check with the airlines, TSA, and FAA for more details.

Motor Bike Laws

I first learned about laws governing motorized scooters when reviewing the Joyor X5S, and unfortunately, they were (and still are) not straight-forward. There had been a number of accidents involving scooters hitting pedestrians or riders hurting themselves. I get it. Laws are there to protect people from each other and themselves, especially from irresponsible individuals.

Electric bikes can result in severe injuries or death with their high speeds.

Surprisingly, the laws governing electric BIKES are much more lax. They are very similar to non-motorized bikes, in fact! There are different classes of eBikes. This Gyroor falls under the lower-speed Class 2 with a maximum of up to 20 mph, and as such, can be used on Class 1 bike paths in California. All 3 classes can ride on the protected, one-way Class 2 bike lanes found on streets and highways. Be sure to check with your local regulations. Some States categorize eBikes as mopeds or motor vehicles.

  • Class 1: PAS-only with no throttle. Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Class 2: PAS and throttle. Max assisted speed: 20 mph
  • Class 3: PAS-only with no throttle. Max assisted speed: 28 mph

California Law

Disclaimer: I AM NOT A LAWYER. Please consult your local city, police department, and/or legal professional for advice.

The following is my interpretation of how I understand the law. It has been shortened to only point out parts that I found interesting or noteworthy.

  • Does NOT require riding with a Driver’s License or Instruction Permit (eScooters require them!)
  • No license plate required
  • Passengers are allowed as long as the bike was designed for it
  • Can ride on existing bike infrastructure
  • Speed limited to 20 mph
  • Follow most of the same laws as non-motorized bicycles
  • Helmet required for riders 17 years and younger
  • No minimum age limit


Some accessories I recommend for this bike for added convenience and safety:

Final Thoughts

eBike C3 /Gyroor

Riding the eBike and exploring has been fun, but not as fun as on an eScooter! However, both technologies allow me to zip around the neighborhood in speeds of 15+ mph, bringing some thrills and excitement to an otherwise boring day. Though I feel like a clown riding on this “circus bike” (I am not a fan of foldable bikes and their “unmanly” looks when compared to my dear Santa Cruz mountain bike), my wife has absolutely no problem riding it. She does, in fact, praise the motor assistance when on particularly challenging slopes — tracks where she would find me huffing and puffing at very low, slow gears. She would be the rabbit and me the turtle.

I was happy (though perplexed) to learn that eBike laws are far less restrictive than eScooters.

The Gyroor C3, with its dual disc brakes, fairly powerful 450W motor, and acceptable 360Wh battery, provides for a good travel range, making it entirely suitable for riding to and from work. I wished that the wheels were larger, that additional gears would be available to shift with, and the LCD displayed the speed, but at this price point, it is a great performer with a racer-like look and comes with an easy, yet cautious (due to the single gear) recommendation.

Where To Buy

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