5 Apr 2020

Review: Rachio R3e Sprinkler Controller

By |2021-07-12T11:16:37-07:00Apr 5, 2020 - Sunday|Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 8 mins. Smart sprinkler controllers promise to make garden and lawn care easier and more convenient through WiFi-enabled features, remote control, and a wealth of data unique to your watering areas. Coupled with weather forecasts, you may save money in the long run by watering more efficiently. Rachio released its lowest-cost model yet with the R3e that should appeal to an even wider range of customers.

15 Mar 2020

Review: HP LaserJet Pro M404dw

By |2021-06-26T22:55:54-07:00Mar 15, 2020 - Sunday|Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 4 mins. HP is a leader in business-class printers with its LaserJet Pro series of devices. The new M404 series is no slouch and has become our primary, paper output option at home. For businesses, this new entry includes some excellent, security-focused features.

4 Dec 2019

Review: nrgGo 400 Portable Power Station

By |2021-11-01T19:06:43-07:00Dec 4, 2019 - Wednesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|3 Comments

Read: 16 mins. After having evaluated two solar charging battery stations for my friends and I for emergency use and camping, the nrgGo 400 recently caught my attention. It is the first one made by a US-based, Fortune 500 energy company that provides power for homes and businesses to millions of customers. How does it compare to the ones I had previously reviewed? I learned so much.

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