Review: Gyroor H30 Electric Scooter for Kids/Children








Ease of Use





  • Kid-safe maximum speed with 3 gears
  • Easy to operate
  • Fun, colorful lights
  • Usable until age 12+
  • Light in weight


  • Instruction manual partially unclear
  • Beeping sounds can get annoying
  • Motor cannot be turned off
Read: 5 mins.
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Safe Electric Scooter for Kids

My son and I had been tandem riding the adult Evercross H5 eScooter for some time, and I thought that it would be good to get his own to help develop his balancing skills, confidence, and maturity. I still prefer to have him and I exercise more (like biking), but it sometimes is fun to zip around on an electric transport.

Black H30 eScooter /Gyroor

Black H30 eScooter /Gyroor

In this review, I will go over the Gyroor H30 electric scooter that was designed for children aged 6-12, though my 5-year old rode it well by the second day. He earned multiple cuts on his knees and elbows on the first day, and that prompted the wife to ask about the included knee and elbow pads. I delayed having him wear them knowing that pain is a great teacher that would have him learn faster. He was zipping around effortlessly the next day.

In A Nutshell

The Gyroor H30 Kids eScooter arrived nearly fully assembled and only required the handlebar and vertical neck to be attached to the front wheel slot. It was immediately ready to go after having its battery fully charged and handle height appropriately adjusted. The 80W rear motor engaged when the scooter was set in motion, but changing speed levels or knowing what gear it was in was confusing. Once my son and I had figured it out, it was a joy watching him cruise around with such excitement in his face, it warmed my heart and put a wide smile on my face… until he said he wanted to go much faster than its maximum speed of 6 mph. No, you are not old enough for that yet, little one. Plus, I need you to glide slow enough for me to jog alongside.

H30 eScooters for Kids /Gyroor

H30 eScooters for Kids /Gyroor

Gyroor’s 6″ hard, plastic wheels do not need inflating and at about 9 lbs makes it fairly light. Speeds are adjusted by tapping the silicone button at the front of the deck 5 times, but as I had stated, it was not immediately clear how to change gears until my son took it out for a spin and I had noticed a pattern in the beeps. I was too heavy (and afraid to break it) to go on and figure out the mechanics on my own. The beeps, however, are quite annoying when the rider does not yet know how to firmly keep the foot planted onto the button. I noticed my son trying to maintain his balance on the deck, and in doing so, his front foot seemingly shifted a few times that resulted in “beep-beep, beep-beep-beep, …” Perhaps this was a way for children to alert pedestrians nearby of their presence — or it was to inform the rider the current speed (see “Pros/Cons” section for details below). In any case, I wish there was a way to minimize the frequency of the sounds. If they were the result of my son’s imbalance, though, then I am sure they will be less frequent as he gets older and more stable with his footing.

One can slow down by lifting the foot off the “gravity sensor”, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what scooter part this is referring to. I assume that it is the back of the deck since the product’s online listing references the back foot. The manual’s blow-up diagram makes no reference to it. Regardless, there is a brake present above the rear wheel that you could step on to slow down, but my boy is not yet strong enough to firmly press to do so. He jumps off the scooter instead when he needs to slow or stop.

The colorfully shifting lights make it easy to spot the scooter, and its 54 Wh lithium battery reportedly can last for up to 6 miles and takes up to 2 hours to charge with its included 25.2W AC wall charger.

Beeps and unclear instructions aside, Gyroor’s H30 is a fun way for children to experience some effortless exhilaration at safe speeds. I still prefer us to go biking instead.

Test Ride: Gyroor H30 eScooter for Kids

What’s Good? What’s Bad?


  • Sturdy and light in weight at 9 lbs
  • Adjustable handle height (28″, 30″, 33″) to accommodate children of manufacturer-recommended ages 6-12
    • My 5-year-old son rides at the 30″ setting with elbows angled at nearly 90 degrees
  • Maximum load of 110 lbs (50 kg)
    • I briefly rode on it at 190 lbs
  • Smooth acceleration with 80W motor, 3 gears, and a maximum speed of 6 mph (10 km/h)
    • Gear 1: 2.5 mph (4 km/h) | Gear 2: 3.7 mph (6 km/h) | Gear 3: 5 mph (8 km/h) (according to the manufacturer)
    • According to the manual, when the scooter reaches 2.5 mph, it will emit a single beep, two at 3.7 mph, and three at 5 mph — or so I think
      • I will try to listen more carefully for that another time. This may explain why the scooter seems to make so many beeps while riding

Tip: Press the front deck button 5 times to change gears and each push will emit a single beep. Scooter will slowly accelerate to the speed associated with the chosen gear.

  • 6″ hard plastic tires with no inflation needed
  • Colorful, dynamically changing lights along deck side and front wheel
  • 54 Wh lithium battery (21.6V @ 2.5A) with a claimed range of 6 miles
    • Charges in 2 hours with included 25.2W wall charger (25.2V @ 1A)
      • LED: Red = Charging. Green = Battery full
  • Water resistant and can be used in the rain
    • Do not go into water more than 2″ (5 cm) deep
3 Height Levels /Gyroor and yuenX

3 Height Levels /Gyroor and yuenX


  • Instruction manual, though well-written in some parts, is not entirely clear, especially in how to operate it
    • References “buzzer drops” and “buzzer sound”, but all I heard were “beep”. Are they all the same but simply a translation inconsistency? I won’t go into detail why that causes confusion. Just know that pressing the front deck button 5 times will change gears, and each push will emit a single beep
  • Frequency of beeps can be annoying for people nearby
    • The number of beeps may be related to the scooter’s current speed (see “Pros” section above). I will try to verify that next time
  • No way to turn off the motor so the Gyroor could be used as a manual scooter
  • When used as a manual scooter (by staying below the speed limit before the motor kicks in), there is no easy way to avoid pressing on the front deck button. That then results in beeps each time the foot applies pressure onto it


  • Gear change: Press the front deck button 5 times to change gears. Each push will emit a single beep
    • Scooter will slowly accelerate to the speed associated with the chosen gear
  • Battery charging
    • When already full, charge it at least once a month
    • When empty, charge it at least once a week
    • Leaving the battery empty for too long may result in its level being too low for it to be able to recharge
  • California law requires children under 16 years of age to wear a bike (not roller blade or skateboard) helmet when operating a motorized scooter
    • Check with your local city, police department, and State for pertaining regulations
Test Ride in the Park

Test Ride in the Park

Final Thoughts

The Gyroor H30 had certainly made it fun and exciting for my son to go outside and play, but my concern lies with him perhaps not getting enough physical exercise if he prefers electric transportation over physical exertion. Still, who does not want acceleration from time to time? This scooter gives children that experience at a safe speed and with colorful deck lights. The three gear levels allow the rider to choose the maximum speed he or she would be comfortable to travel at. I do wish there was a way to turn off the beeps or minimize the number of times they sounded so as to not potentially annoy the people around us. Overall, I do love seeing my son’s happy face when he is on it, his balance had improved tremendously, and he had gotten more confident traveling at faster speeds. My wife and I purchased another one for his younger cousin so they could one day ride together.

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