1 Apr 2021

Review: Metakoo Cybertrack 100 Electric Mountain Bike (26″, 21-Speed)

By |2021-10-13T09:18:44-07:00Apr 1, 2021 - Thursday|Product Reviews, Reviews|47 Comments

Read: 13 mins. Electric bikes and scooters have seen a rise in popularity as convenient modes of transportation and recreation. There are different types to accommodate a variety of riders from all skill sets, including prepackaged bicycles and retrofit kits that motorize traditional, mechanical ones. In this review, we look into the 26" Metakoo Cybertrack 100 electric mountain bike, and how appreciative we are of them as parents with young children.

25 Mar 2021

Review: Netgear ReadyNAS 314 / Ultra 4 NAS with Plex Media Server

By |2021-09-09T23:27:44-07:00Mar 25, 2021 - Thursday|Product Reviews, Reviews, Technology|0 Comments

Read: 13 mins. Losing important data -- documents and treasured photos -- can be a frustrating, sad, and time-consuming ordeal! I had encountered multiple losses over the past, two decades, and that experience prompted me to look into Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices to provide data protection and disaster recovery. The Netgear ReadyNAS series had reliably safeguarded my data and also had been hosting the Plex Media Server: a free software that presents your movie, TV, music, and personal video collection in a beautiful, Netflix-like interface. In this review, I share why the ReadyNAS had become my favorite NAS and provide comprehensive tips on making the most of it.

23 Mar 2021

Review: Abysup SUP123 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (iSUP) (North Shore)

By |2021-09-09T22:31:26-07:00Mar 23, 2021 - Tuesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 7 mins. Standup paddle boarding had been such great fun while socially distancing amidst the COVID-19 pandemic last year. It also helped us bond with our children, and not long after, many friends joined in with boards of their own. Their favorite was the beginner-friendly Runwave Kohala inflatable stand up paddle board (iSUP) that also had proved quite popular around the harbor we paddled at. In this review, I took a look at the Abysup SUP123 (North Shore) iSUP whose dimensions put it right between the Runwave and my slightly-more advanced DvSport Sunshine. In other words, it should appeal to both beginners and those more experienced/transitioning to the intermediate level.

11 Mar 2021

Review: GVM RGB LED Video Light 50W 1200D (2-Pack Kit) For Photographers, Videographers

By |2021-06-26T21:51:17-07:00Mar 11, 2021 - Thursday|Photography, Product Reviews, Reviews|2 Comments

Read: 3 mins. Great Video Maker (GVM) released an updated model of its RGB LED lighting kit with the GVM 1200D. Its lights had easily replaced my previous lighting kits for studio and on-location outdoor photography. The versatility of having RGB control opens up a wide variety of shooting scenarios and would (or should) greatly appeal to videographers or vlogger/YouTube content makers.

9 Mar 2021

Review: Costway 53 Quart Dual-Temperature Car Freezer/Fridge with Wheels (EP24413/24413-CYPE) (53qt/50L/50 Liters)

By |2021-09-26T08:54:10-07:00Mar 9, 2021 - Tuesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|1 Comment

Read: 14 mins. It has been nearly a year since I purchased my first 12V/110V car freezer, and since then I had reviewed and compared six of them. All were coincidentally rebranded units manufactured by Alpicool, but they lacked features I increasingly longed for: dual-temperature storage zones, transport wheels, removable wire racks, drain hole, and remote app control. The Costway 53qt car freezer was a popular, affordable choice among outdoorsy people with the additional properties I was looking for. Was it better than my favorite Foho appliances? In nearly every way, YES... Almost!

7 Mar 2021

Review: Merach Pocket Massage Gun Nano (Gray Silver) (and Kica K2 Mini Massage Gun)

By |2021-06-26T21:52:40-07:00Mar 7, 2021 - Sunday|Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 4 mins. "Percussion massage guns were a fad", I thought until my sister-in-law lent me hers for a week. I later found it relaxing for my sore shoulders, stiff neck, and lower back after sitting in front of the computer for nearly half an entire day for several days a week. There was one problem with these massagers: they were TOO large and unwieldy to bring for travels. Research eventually led me to the Merach Pocket Massage Gun Nano as the lightest and one of the smallest massage guns available today. I gave it a try.

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