Euhomy Beverage Cooler (BR-115)








Ease of Use





  • Consistent temperatures
  • Solid, professional-looking build
  • Good value
  • Quiet
  • Adjustable shelves


  • No automatic light on/off
  • Temperature display inside
  • Shelves not more granularly adjustable
  • Awkward top-shelf configuration
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Keeping Drinks Cool

My brother and I purchased a Danby beverage fridge many, many years ago when we used to be roommates and loved having the convenience of having drinks available at any time, especially for get-togethers. We had always stocked it with beer, soda, kid-friendly drinks, and water. My wife and I recently decided to get one for our house in an attempt to free up some kitchen refrigeration space, and given that my dad and I had liked the value and design of Euhomy’s ice makers in the past, we purchased one from that brand. A $20 coupon was available, bringing it to $249. Did we really need one? No. Did we regret getting one? After having had it for about 3 weeks, no! Read on to find out why.

What’s Good? What’s Bad?


  • Nice, solid build
    • Looks very nice and professional
  • Glass door has a hefty feel
  • Operates quietly (much more than my brother’s)
  • Control panel at the top displays current temperature
    • Controls: Power, LED light, Temp up/down
    • Touch controls are sensitive to the touch
  • Remembers set temperature after power loss
  • Set temperature was consistent over the past 3 weeks in a 68F – 82F house
    • With 2 reliable fridge/freezer thermometers, I set the Euhomy to 40F and 37F
    • The temps shown on the thermometers were consistent within +/- 2F of set temp
  • Right size for our home space (3.2 cu ft/ 90 liters)
    • Manufacturer claims capacity for 115-120 cans
    •  Dimensions
      • 19″ Wide
      • 17.5″ Deep (15.5″ without including glass door)
      • 33.25″ Tall (32.5″ without including the door hinge)
    • Weighs 68 lbs
  • 2 leveling feet at the front to adjust for floor irregularity
    • In our home, the left foot had to be adjusted taller because the laminate wood floor actually dips a bit)
  • Fan at the middle of the top rack circulates the cold air around for even distribution (practically all beverage coolers do that)
  • Automatic defrost cycle (See TIPS section on how that works and why it is convenient)
  • Glass door can have its hinge switched to swing from left or right side
  • Packed very well for shipping
    • FedEx delivered the drink cooler UPSIDE DOWN, though! What the heck, FedEx?
  • Fair pricing
  • Troubleshooting steps, solutions, and contact information are printed at the back of the fridge
  • Responsive customer service (based on past interaction with Euhomy’s ice maker)


  • Controls are not backlit so light on/off button is easier to find in the dark
  • No automatic light on/off upon opening the door
    • Would be nice if it operated like the LG fridges where the light would turn on upon tapping the glass door
  • Having the controls OUTSIDE the fridge (on the glass door) would be nicer
    • On the plus side: If the door broke, it would be cheaper to replace just the door than having to pay for a pricier one that includes a control board
  • Wish the racks could be mounted in more granular, vertical increments for precise placement (to maximize/customize space for various drink sizes)
  • There is just one temperature setting for the entire cooler
    • More expensive units can have different sections set to separate temperatures so that one compartment is for beer/sodas, and the other for wine
  • Fan placement at the middle of the top rack can make for awkward drink storage
    • This is common with most (if not all) beverage coolers
  • No alarm for when the door is left open for too long
  • Just 1 year warranty


Euhomy BR-115 /Euhomy

  • To change temperature from default Fahrenheit to Celsius, hold the Up and Down buttons together for 3 seconds
  • When you receive your fridge, let it stand upright — unplugged — for at LEAST 10 hours (24 hours is best) to allow the refrigerant to settle
    • Prolongs life of fridge, especially if yours was delivered UPSIDE down like mine was
    • Refrigerant is R600a (1.06oz/30g)
  • Refrigeration depends on ambient temperature
    • Beverage cooler, like most of this type, operate best between 60F – 90F (16C – 32C)
      • If used outside that range, the inside temp will usually fluctuate
    • Keep it away from direct sunlight or heat source
  • Coca Cola and Pepsi taste best when refrigerated at 38F
  • Manual warns NOT to put anything PERISHABLE in the beverage cooler
    • Do not put medication, food, or milk products (milk, cheese, etc) in there
    • Most beverage coolers are the same way: they are not designed to operate like actual refrigerators that can maintain temperature reliably regardless of ambient temps
  • Ensure there is sufficient space at the back and sides to allow proper air circulation (at least 4″)
    • Prolongs life of compressor and allows for more consistent temperatures
    • Avoid putting the beverage cooler into an enclosed space
      • Manual and back of fridge state that this product was designed for “Free-standing installation ONLY”
  • There was a mention in the manual to contact Whynter customer service if the power cord was damaged
    • Euhomy said that this was a misprint
  • Manufacturer claims energy usage of about 0.79 kwH/day

Defrosting and How Refrigerators Work

I was fortunate (or unfortunate) to troubleshoot our home refrigerator a few years ago when it could not keep food frozen nor items cool in the fridge section, resulting in nearly a thousand dollars in lost food and medication… twice. Sears technicians were useless and considered the unit a total loss. After having spent months researching and learning, I gained an understanding of how refrigerators work and fixed it myself. (If you are curious, 2 thermistors needed to be replaced at a couponed cost of $86.)

  • A refrigerator has a condenser coil that cools and condenses the refrigerant
    • Usually, the coil can be found in the freezer section or at the back of a standalone refrigerator
  • The compressor (and associated fan) is turned on or off as needed to maintain the fridge’s/freezer’s temperatures in conjunction with Thermistor(s) (resistance thermometers)
  • Over time, ice builds up on the condenser coil and affects the cooling efficiency (and reduces freezer space)
  • For optimal efficiency, you should defrost the condenser coil (freezer or standalone fridge) at least once a year by unplugging the appliance and letting the ice melt off the sides and shelves
    • Have a towel ready to soak up the melted water and wipe dry the sides before turning it back on
  • Today’s refrigerators have an auto-defrost cycle where heat is applied to the freezer’s evaporator coil
    • Melted water leaves the freezer and is evaporated by a fan
    • Cycle can occur once or multiple times a day, resulting in fluctuating temperatures
  • Auto-defrosting fridges cost more, use more energy, make more noise, but require less maintenance

This Euhomy BR-115 beverage cooler has an auto-defroster. It drains defrosted water through the outlet at the back wall and into the drain pain that is located above the compressor.

Photo Credit: Euhomy

Final Thoughts

Our family really likes this Euhomy beverage cooler. It has freed up a LOT of space in our counter-depth kitchen fridge for items that can spoil, and having it close to the office room makes it very convenient to grab a drink during a short break (especially nowadays with working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic). Our biggest worry, however, is that a small child (like our son) could accidentally grab the wrong drink and perhaps drop it onto the ground. Be mindful of how and where you place the drinks within the storage space.

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