Review: Zebra Thai/Chinese Stainless Steel Spoons for Soup/Daily Eats (12 pcs)

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Zebra Thai/Chinese Stainless Steel Spoon (12 pcs)








Ease of Use





  • Versatile use
  • Durable, Dishwasher safe
  • Easily stackable for storage
  • Rust resistant, stainless steel
  • Lightweight


  • Gets hot when left in hot liquids
  • Not as comfortable to hold as ceramic spoons
  • Could deform but remains durable
  • Type 430 stainless steel not as strong as 304 grade
  • Could get rust stains, though very rare
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Absolute Favorite Spoons

Why the heck would I write a review about spoons? Hear me out. For decades, my parents had used Zebra Thai branded, stainless steel spoons as our everyday silverware. Both of my brothers and I had absolutely come to appreciate and love them (as do our own families, too.) These Zebra silverware fully deserve a special shout-out and have been part of our family since the 1990’s. They are our go-to spoons!

What’s Good? What’s Bad?


  • Food grade Stainless Steel (Type 430)
    • Moderately high corrosion resistance
    • Rust resistant
    • Has magnetic properties (Type 304, the best-known grade, does not)
  • Versatile use
    • Refined edges can cut through practically anything
    • Often use it as a steak knife, fruit slicer, ice pick, etc.
Stainless Steel Spoon /Zebra Thai

Stainless Steel Spoon /Zebra Thai

  • Easy to hold
  • Scoops a good amount of soup
  • Thin edges
    • Easier to put food into the mouth without liquids spilling like with thick spoons
    • Surprisingly good to use by children
      • Our kids and nephews prefer this spoon over ceramic ones, too
  • Durable and shatter proof
    • I had used it to chip away at ice or scoop solid ice cream taken straight out of the freezer
    • Unlike ceramic spoons, metal will not break when dropped onto the ground
  • Stacks and stores away very easily
    • Take far less space than other types of spoons
    • Portable and small
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean up

These Zebra Thai spoons absolutely deserve a special shout-out and had been part of our family since the 1990’s.


  • Not as comfortable to hold as ceramic soup spoons due to sharper edges
  • Can get hot when left in searing liquids for too long (metal absorbs heat easily)
  • Does not look sophisticated or fancy. It’s a no-frills design
  • Could deform a bit after prolonged use, though it only happened to just a couple over decades of utilization
    • I usually bent them back to normal shape and still continued using them for years
  • Type 430 Stainless Steel is not the best grade, making it only moderately-high resistant to corrosion
    • The lower the number, the better it is. Type 304 is the best-known grade
  • Could potentially develop rust stains, though that had been extremely rare
Stainless Steel Spoon /Zebra Thai

Stainless Steel Spoon /Zebra Thai

Who is Zebra Thai?

Zebra (Head) is a brand of Thailand-based, Satien Stainless Steel Public Company. According to its website, the company was founded in 1968 by Satien Youngvanich who turned scraps from his commercial, stainless steel welding job into the spoon our family had come to love.

Final Thoughts

My parents had bought these Zebra Thai spoons ever since I can remember. They used to drive to Los Angeles a very, very long time ago to purchase them, and once I started my own family, I asked if they could get me some. That was when they gifted a red box containing 6 spoons, and I immediately took a photo so I knew who made them: Zebra Thai. Years later, my westernized wife and mother-in-law both converted from pretty, American silverware to these no-frills, versatile Thai ones. Our children had also consistently been reaching for the same spoons, and that is a testament to the versatility, ease, and quality my parents and I had enjoyed for decades. If it had not yet been obvious, we absolutely recommend these spoons! Go try some!

Where To Buy

Other Spoons

You may also want to take a look at spoons that have a notch and hook to keep them from falling into the soup, such as the Hiware Asian Soup Spoon, commonly found in Japanese Ramen restaurants.

Asian Soup Spoon with Notch and Hook /Hiware

Asian Soup Spoon with Notch and Hook /Hiware

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