OXO Good Grips Pineapple Corer & Slicer Stainless Steel








Ease of Use





  • Time saver
  • Easy to clean
  • Clean, consistent cuts and sizes
  • Long-lasting, stainless steel
  • Stores easily


  • Expensive
  • Lots of wasted fruit for wide or large pineapples
  • Not immediately clear how to use
  • Measurement markers wear off
Read: 2 mins.
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Worth It?

Back in 2012, I came across a tool from OXO Good Grips that looked like it could save a lot of time cutting a pineapple. It sold for around $20 and still does today. Does it really save time? Is it worth buying? What about the less expensive, $7 alternatives? Let’s take a look. I have used the OXO more times than I can remember.

Slicing and Coring /OXO Good Grips

Slicing and Coring /OXO Good Grips


The OXO Good Grips Pineapple Corer and Slicer makes cutting pineapples very easy. The steps I always take are:

  • Wash pineapple
  • Cut off the crown from the top of the pineapple
  • Measure the pineapple’s height against the tool itself
    • This helps you know when to stop so the tool does not go past the bottom and onto the chopping board
  • From the top of the pineapple, place the tool and gently start twisting. Do not apply force or you will lose a lot of juice
  • Keep twisting/ratcheting until you reach the height you measured earlier
  • Pull out the tool — this will bring up the entire pineapple
    • Be mindful of any juice you bring up as you may want to saves it for a delicious drink later
Slicing and Coring Steps /OXO Good Grips

Slicing and Coring Steps /OXO Good Grips

  • Remove the black handle from the tool so the pineapple can be removed
  • Slice one side of the pineapple to separate the fruit’s rings
  • Wash the tool thoroughly and let dry before storing it away
  • Remove the pineapple core from the remaining fruit
    • You can either throw it away or slice smaller to eat. It is perfectly edible

Notice how much of the pineapple is left wasted especially when it is wide or large. So, what I do next is to cut the pineapple shell in half and filet the remaining fruit.

How to Use: Pineapple Corer and Slicer /OXO Good Grips

Time Saved?

First time slicing/coring in 2012

First time slicing/coring in 2012

The tool indeed helps save time, especially if there are a lot of pineapples that need to be cut. It ensures a clean, consistent cut where all slices are sized equally. However, one of the biggest issues I have is that a lot of meat (and possibly juice) also is wasted in the process, particularly when the pineapple is wide or large.

As long as the pineapple quality is good, you should have a pretty clean cut. The ease/difficulty of cutting also depends on the ripeness and firmness of the fruit.

Worth The Cost?

There are cheaper alternatives available for $7 or so. As long as they are stainless steel, they should be fine. Is the $21 of the OXO worth it? Probably not. I could purchase 3 of the $7 for the same price. Stainless steel will last longer than the plastic ones.

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