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Belmont Carpets Woodfloor & Tile

Rating: 3/5

1310 S State College Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92806
(714) 533-8513

My wife and I were remodeling our new home. After months of research (brands, flooring types/designs, installation), my wife insisted that we get laminated wood that also comes in a FLUSH stair nose. This instantly narrowed our list of choices to just a few, good manufacturers: Quick Step and its parent, Mohawk. Apparently, flush stair-nose laminated wood is hard to find, and most floor sellers don’t even know they exist.

During the entire shopping process, we indicated to every vendor that we were going to install the laminated wood ourselves. We never installed flooring before.

We searched the entire strip of vendors on State College (and some others), looking for the colors and designs my wife and I would both be able to compromise on. The first step is to choose what color you want. In the initial weeks, we absolutely had no idea what we wanted. My wife and I were at odds with one another — she wanted something very dark. I wanted something very light or something with “pop”. We looked at a LOT of manufacturers and colors.

To keep our 1-month-long hunt story short, we eventually found a sample from Mohawk. Raju from Belmont Flooring indicated that it provides the 5-in-1 molding that allows for flush stairs — they were the only ones who said this was available, and he proved it by faxing us a document from Mohawk. Naturally, we wanted to confirm with other vendors before placing any large orders, but were unable to do so. With ONLY Belmont claiming that the Mohawk we wanted came with flush stairs, we decided to go back to our initial choice: Quick Step.

With Quick Step, we then spent a couple more weekends looking for the right color, and found (and 80% liked) the Modello UE1030 Roasted Coffee Oak design. We went back to our list of vendors to check for final pricing before we’d place our order. Belmont and Best Floor were our top choices, and we checked with Belmont first. To my surprise, our Belmont salesperson (Raju) said, on our 5th visit, “Ah, you two! [Then turning to his associate, Terry.] They just waste my time.” I was a bit taken back by it — I wasn’t sure if he was joking or if he was half serious. We shared that we were now in the final stage, got our pricing, and then headed over to Best Floor to do the same. Best Floor gave us a slightly lower price, and with that (and the fact that we were surprised by Raju’s comment — I guess we were wasting his time?), we went ahead and placed our order with Best Floor.

Terry and Raju were very knowledgeable and friendly, and we were very conflicted making our selection between Belmont and Best Floor. We always felt more welcome at Best Floor, but we always liked Belmont’s wide selection and larger organization. However, whenever we walked into Belmont, it always felt like we were walking into a car dealership with salesmen roaming everywhere. With that said, we were never pressured by any one of them.

I hope that Raju understands that as rookies (not professional installers), we were doing our due diligence by researching flooring, installation, and prices, before we’d commit to placing a large purchase. If he indeed felt that we were wasting his time, then he did not deserve our business. In the end, we do not regret having purchased from Best Floor, but we do thank Belmont for having been one of our top choices all the way until the end.


  • VERY big selection of flooring
  • Big showroom
  • Friendly service by everyone
  • Knowledgeable staff (were helped by Raju, Terry)
  • Some of the lowest prices for the laminated wood we looked at


  • Were insulted by Raju

Would I recommend Belmont? Yes, I still would. But as always, shop around.

Floor Choice

Although we initially only liked (at about 80%) our Quick Step UE1030, now that they have been installed, we LOVE the colors at 100%. Our friends/coworkers agree, except for an elder relative of mine.


  • Floor samples
    • Most vendors take a deposit
      • Ask in writing that it’s refundable. There are stories about shoppers not getting their money back
    • Check the sample at home in day time and evening. Lighting changes how it looks in your home
  • Measure how much flooring you need. Add 7% as extra
  • Let your new wood sit in the rooms for 3 days to acclimate BEFORE installing
  • Installation
    • Yelp does not provide enough space to write about how to install, but we referenced manufacturer sites, YouTube videos, and importantly: flooring sellers
    • Some sellers were once installers, and their experience gave us some very good ideas