2 Mar 2021

Jackery Explorer 1500 announced on Jackery Day 2021! (Explorer 2000 and SolarSaga 200W, too)

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Read: 5 mins. Every third Wednesday of March, Jackery holds its "Jackery Day" where new products are announced. This year, that date falls on March 17, 2021. What can we anticipate? The company has teased an expected launch of its largest power station/solar generator yet, the Explorer 1500. See what we expect the product to feature. A new SolarSaga 200W solar panel and massive Explorer 2000 power station may also make a surprise appearance at the event. [Read here for live updates]

29 Jan 2021

Review: Goal Zero Nomad 200 Foldable Solar Panel (vs Boulder 200)

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Read: 12 mins. The Jackery SolarSaga 100 solar panel previously impressed me with its rigid body, light weight, and quick deployment. However, there were times where I wanted my higher-capacity power stations (like the Goal Zero Yeti 1500x or Jackery Explorer 1000) to be charged more quickly for a variety of reasons. The solution: multiple solar panels or a single, high-capacity one. In this review, I break down the Pros and Cons of having two 100W panels versus one 200W, the Goal Zero Nomad 200. I also explored how to use the Nomad with other companies' power stations (like Jackery) and was surprised how easy it was.

13 Jul 2020

Review: Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panel (Gen 2 vs 3)

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Read: 8 mins. Jackery impressed me with their Explorer 1000 battery power station and its excellent customer service. I complemented it with two SolarSaga 100W solar panels for camping and in case we had a power outage. That was exactly what happened one day: we lost power for an ENTIRE day. Were the panels able to produce enough energy to get us through the whole day working from home?

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