18 Mar 2022

Review: Jasion EB7 Foldable Electric Bike (20″ Fat Tire, 7-Speed)

By |2022-04-18T10:56:50-07:00Mar 18, 2022 - Friday|Product Reviews, Reviews|6 Comments

Read: 20 mins. The search for an electric bike for my mom’s height of 5′1″ was a long one. It was incredibly difficult to find a foldable one for her height with at least 7 gear shifts and fat tires for better balance and control. Safety, ease of mount/dismount, and long battery life were also important as I did not want an elderly woman to get hurt or overexert on one of our long family rides. In this article, we take a look at the Jasion EB7 Foldable eBike with quite the motor and battery capacity for 5'1" - 6'2" riders.

18 Aug 2021

Review: Googo SY26 Electric Mountain Bike (vs Metakoo Cybertrack 100, Ancheer AN-EB001) 26″, 21-Speed

By |2022-03-24T13:05:20-07:00Aug 18, 2021 - Wednesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|9 Comments

Read: 18 mins. The 26" Metakoo Cybertrack 100 electric mountain bike had been a favorite as motorized bicycles and scooters saw a rise in popularity for transportation and recreation. We had certainly become appreciative of them ourselves as parents with young children, but sadly, we were surprised to find out the Cybertrack was no longer available for sale. In this review, we take a look at the 26" Googo SY26 eMTB that looked to provide a good balance in design, features, and performance. Did it replace the Metakoo as our new, favorite eBike?

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