20 Jul 2020

PowerShell: Compare Two Objects/Arrays And Output Result in Custom Format

By |2021-05-18T23:46:50-07:00Jul 20, 2020 - Monday|PowerShell, Technology|1 Comment

Read: 4 mins. The Compare-Object cmdlet is a very useful tool to find differences between data sets. It can help with logging changes, acting only on specific sets of data, speeding up processing time, and reducing complexity. In this article, we will cover what the "SideIndicator" property means, how to pass through all Properties from the source data, create a custom property with evaluated information, and output only results that exist in both data sets.

14 Apr 2020

MS Teams: Who Recorded The Meeting? Who Downloaded a Copy of The Recording?

By |2021-05-18T21:30:26-07:00Apr 14, 2020 - Tuesday|Microsoft 365, Security, Technology|0 Comments

Read: 3 mins. A sensitive, internal meeting was held within Microsoft Teams, and someone had accidentally recorded it. The organizer was extremely unhappy when nobody admitted to it, particularly since any attendee was able to download a copy of the recording. An urgent request to the Office 365 and Information Security teams was put out to investigate. How did we go about in doing so?

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