6 Feb 2021

WordPress Speed Optimization with Custom FontAwesome Icon Font (Avada Theme)

By |2021-09-10T00:26:53-07:00Feb 6, 2021 - Saturday|Technology|0 Comments

Read: 6 mins. If you care about optimizing your website's performance to improve its search engine ranking, one of the things to evaluate is the number or size of fonts in use. The Avada Theme used by this site is wonderful but also very bloated. I went to create a Custom Icon Font with just the images the site needs to speed up the time it takes to load this site. However, I unexpectedly ran into an issue of the icons disappearing from the Classic Editor (TinyMCE) toolbar. This post details the problem and the workaround I implemented.

20 Jan 2021

Taskbar Icon/Button Width Too Wide in Windows 10

By |2021-09-09T23:10:03-07:00Jan 20, 2021 - Wednesday|Technology|9 Comments

Read: 2 mins. I recently ran into an odd, visual behavior with the Windows 10 Taskbar where each application label was too wide and wasted valuable screen estate. Rather than showing just the first handful of characters of the application name and cutting off the rest, each button took up a wide portion of the taskbar. Here is how to fix or change the Taskbar buttons' minimum width back to default or to a desired length.

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