26 Jan 2021

Review: Bountech Inflatable Bounce House (Castle 6-in-1 with Long Slide)

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Read: 8 mins. When we purchased the Bountech Sweet House three months ago, our children loved playing with it in our backyard. However, despite the great opportunities it afforded for parents to interact with the kids, the play pit area underneath the curved slide had the tendency for the little ones to hurt themselves when they fell onto the unpadded ground. We looked into the Bountech Castle 6-in-1 with Long Slide to see how it would compare with the Sweet House. What our son told us was surprising.

18 Nov 2020

Review: Bountech Inflatable Bounce House (Sweet House 8266)

By |2021-09-09T22:18:24-07:00Nov 18, 2020 - Wednesday|Product Reviews, Reviews|0 Comments

Read: 6 mins. A few months ago, we had purchased a 9' x 7' bounce house for our daughter's birthday so the kids could enjoy themselves during the small, COVID-19 pandemic-restricted celebration. Even though we loved watching the kids jump up and down, they seemed to lose interest after a few minutes, and so we were on the lookout for a more EXCITING one that also had a large slide. Like before, at a rental cost of $75-$99 a day, it made financial sense to purchase a bounce house for long-term, repeated use, and this one from Bountech did not disappoint.

25 Sep 2020

Review: Action Air Inflatable Bounce House (9451)

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Read: 4 mins. Our daughter's birthday was fast approaching and with the ability to only hold a small gathering in our backyard, we looked for something fun for the children to play with. "What's synonymous with some birthday parties," my wife asked? A bounce house! But at a rental cost of $75-$99 a day, we decided to invest in a small one instead for repeated use at home. That search led us to the $200 Action Air Inflatable Castle Bounce House.

10 Jul 2020

Review: Vastar Mini Electric Air Pump

By |2021-06-26T22:41:34-07:00Jul 10, 2020 - Friday|Product Reviews, Reviews|6 Comments

Read: 4 mins. A tire can run flat at any time while biking, riding a scooter, or driving a car. For that reason, I have an $80 electric pump in my car's trunk that operates off the cigarette lighter plug, and a tall hand pump for bicycles that is inconvenient to pack into the backpack. One day, I came across an advertisement for this Vastar electric air pump -- a small, lightweight, ELECTRIC pump! Intriguing. I never knew compact ones like these existed! Naturally, I purchased one to see how it would do.

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